2018 ISMAC - CVB
International Conference on ISMAC in Computational
Vision and Bio-Engineering
(ISMAC- IoT, Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud)


International Conference on 2018 ISMAC - CVB in Computational Vision and Bio-Engineering (2018 ISMAC - CVB) is being organized on 16-17 May 2018 by SCAD Institute of Technology at Coimbatore, India. I-SMAC will provide an outstanding international forum for sharing knowledge and results in all future fields of Internet of Things, Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud. I-SMAC provides quality key experts who provide an opportunity in bringing up innovative ideas. Recent updates in the in the field of Computational Vision and Bio-Engineering will be a platform for the upcoming researchers. The conference will be Complete, Concise, Clear and Cohesive in terms of research related to Computational Vision and Bio-Engineering.

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