2018 ISMAC - CVB
International Conference on ISMAC in Computational
Vision and Bio-Engineering
(ISMAC- IoT, Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud)

Call For Paper

Original and high quality research papers are solicited in all areas of Computational Vision and Bio-Engineering. We seek research full papers and posters on a broad range of topics, including but not limited to:

Stereo and 3D Vision
Active and Real Time Vision
Industrial Vision Systems
Motion and Video Analysis
Image and Video Compression
Image and Video Retrieval
Object Detection & Recognition
Segmentation and Grouping
Document Understanding​
Medical Image Analysis
Aerial & Satellite Image Analysis
Pattern Recognition and Applications
Deep learning
Image Based Rendering
Geometric / Photometric Rendering
Hardware for Graphics
Hardware for Vision and IP
Visual Special Effects
Speech and Audio Processing
Digital Heritage
Signal Estimation & Detection
Computational Photography
Sensors & Imaging models
Subspace learning

Image/Video Coding and Transmission in IoT
Image/Video Storage, Retrieval and Authentication in cloud
Biological and Perceptual Models for Image/Video Processing in IoT
Machine Learning in Image/Video Analysis
Computational Photography and Videography
Biomedical Image Analysis in IoT
Biometrics in Social media
Document Image Analysis
Visual Multimedia in Mobile
Video Surveillance and Event Detection
3D computer vision in IoT
Environmental Bioengineering
Bioprocessing for Food Engineering using Cloud
Agro biotechnology using IoT
Bioresources engineering and technology using IoT
Biomedical Electronics in IoT
Biomedical Intelligence & Clinical Data Analysis
Injury Prevention and Health Protection
Medical Engineering Systems & Applications
Medical Robotics in Social Media
Rehabilitation engineering in Cloud
Social and preventive medicine using IoT
AI Algorithms in IoT